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The Philippine Shippers’ Bureau (PSB) recently released a second list of blacklisted forwarders.

The eight local forwarders are ABS-CBN Global Cargo Corp.; Gen Ex Cargo; Jonar Cargo; Joseph Glenn L. Galo; Pacific Logistics International Cargo; Pentfast; RDN Marketing & Cargo Forwarder; and REN International Services

The six foreign firms are Jasim Yaseen Al-Delam Air Cargo Services of Saudi

Arabia; Pacific Logistics International Cargo of Kuwait; Philand Ynterlink Ltd of the United Kingdom; and Pentagon Cargo Inc, REN International and Star Xpress Forwarders of the United States.

PSB also issued a show cause order to RRG Freight Services due to complaints related to balikbayan (personal effects) boxes.

Earlier, PSB removed from its blacklist five forwarders after they delivered missing balikbayan boxes. These are LCSN Express Movers Inc.; Transtech Global Philippines Inc.; Wide-Wide World Express Corp.; 2GO Express; and MC Plus.

The following forwarders from the United Arab Emirates remain in the PSB blacklist: Aerosend; Alas Cargo Phil.; Associated Consolidation Express; Dausan International Forwarder; FACF Parcel Delivery; FRS Philippine Freight Services Inc.; International Cargo Forwarder; J.J. Transglobal Brokerage; JAR Cargo Forwarders; Mail Plus Cargo Carriers; Manila Broker; Maru Cargo Logistics Phil.; R&M Cargo Services; Rodah Cargo Manila; South Atlantic Cargo Inc.; Trico International Forwarding (Phils) Inc.; VCG Customs Brokerage; Al Rodah Marine Cargo; Cityline Cargo; Dagupan Cargo Packaging Services; Express Link Cargo Services; and Smooth Express,.

From the United States, blacklisted firms are AAA Cargo Express, Inc.; ABSCBN Star Kargo; Aerosend; Alas Cargo; Associated Consolidations Express-Ace Cargo; FRS Phil. Freight Service, Inc.; Shipping Express; and South Atlantic Cargo.

From Saudi Arabia: Cargo Net Worldwide Services; Express Cargo; Fil-Asia Cargo Forwarders Phil.; Global Cargo; RJM Freight Cargo Forwarders; WRJ Freight Forwarders; and North and South Express Cargo; and from Singapore: Hagibis Express Pte. Ltd; and Maru Cargo Logistics LLP.

From Ireland: Maharlika Enterprise Cargo Service and SCRL Cargo; and from Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong and Cyprus, respectively: Bayanihan Express, Dausan International Forwarder, Ford Cargo International, and Trico International.

PSB advised the public to continue to refrain from transacting with D’ Winner Logistics Phil. Inc, whose PSB accreditation is in danger of being revoked.

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