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SCMAP Election

At the sixth and last GMM for the year 2012, on November 22, the membership will elect the ten Directors of the Board who will serve in year 2013. The elected Directors will then elect the officers among themselves.


The election will be affected by one of the amendments approved by the membership at the June 28 GMM. Under this amendment the Directors coming from the ranks of logistics service providers will no longer be limited to two out of ten. The limit will be increased to three.


The original limit was intended to prevent disproportionate representation, with the membership limited to 20% coming from LSPs. The experience since LSPs were allowed to join has been that LSPs are more active than non-LSPs. This is expected since the LSP members have the non-LSPs for their market. In fact the 20% limitation on membership is to “protect” SCMAP from domination by LSPs.


Another change will be that only the ten Directors will be elected by the membership. Committee chairpersons will no longer be elected. They will be appointed by the elected Board. But this procedure was actually started last year.


Member companies are asked to specify their official rep for year 2013 as all official reps are available to be elected as directors, except those who have declared that they will not be available for 2013.


The current directors for 2012 whose term will expire, together with their officer positions and companies they represent, are:


  • Ike Castillo                           President                Fast Logistics
  • Gabby Patag                        Vice President      TNT Express Worldwide
  • Anna Liza Quintos             Secretary               Globe Telecom
  • Angelito Nepomuceno   Treasurer                Integrated Commissary
  • Jet Chua                                Auditor                  Messe & Handel Corp.
  • Atnel Gamboa                     PRO                         Benby Enterprises
  • Max Yap                                                                  Oriental & Motolite Corp.
  • Galvin Lagera                                                        PLDT
  • Renato Casas                                                         JG Summit Corp.
  • Sherwin Gonzales                                                Nestle Phils.


Some of the key rules are:


  • The list of official reps, containing official reps projected to Jan. 1, 2013, has already been announced but changes can still be announced and made, up to right before the election.
  • The Directors are elected because of their personal capabilities to serve on SCMAP’s Board, and possibly to serve as officers. They are not elected because of the companies they represent.
  • An absent official rep may still be voted, unless he has declared beforehand that he will decline any votes cast for him.
  • Relevant to the limit of three LSPs in the Board, the LSPs are:


Alarme Transport, Argo International Forwarders, Asia Cargo CLI, DHL Supply Chain, Fast Cargo Logistics, Igloo Supply Chain, Inland Corporation, Jugro Transport, Koldstor Centre, LF Logistics, Lite Xpress, Metro Combined (GAC), Omni Solid Services, Royal Cargo Combined Logistics, Swiftstar Logistics, TNT Express, Transfluent Management, VGL Industries, Vintel Logistics, XVC Logistics


Members are urged to attend this very important meeting which will obviously affect SCMAP’s future. Members are also urged to vote for those who can contribute to the progress of SCMAP. The Directors should be elected because of their personal capabilities to serve on SCMAP’s Board, and possibly to serve as officers. They are not elected because of the companies they represent.


Having been through the entire history of SCMAP, I have seen that, like any other organization, SCMAP has had its share of non-performers and non-visible officials.


So, To SCMAP members – Go to the GMM and vote!


To SCMAP – Good luck !


Address inquiries and comments to Ed Sanchez at tel. 671-8670, fax 671-4793, cell 0918-914-1689, or email scmap.org@gmail.com. Those interested in DMAP training and other activities are requested to send their e-mail addresses.

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